Nepal is one of the best destinations for trekking. It is home of many of the world’s tallest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest- the highest Himalaya on earth. In addition to the mighty Himalayan ambiance, Nepal is also known for its multicultural attributes; Nepal is home to a large number of ethnic groups and people following different religions.

Nepal’s natural beauty is also undeniable; it has several national parks and protected areas that are home to a wide myriad of endangered wildlife. As such, trekking in Nepal is a wholesome affair filled with a combination of all the mentioned features. Trekking in Nepal can be done solo, or with friends and even family; as a matter of fact, family holidays in Nepal are grand adventures that present different unique hallmarks for the whole family to enjoy together.

Nepal has several different destinations and treks that are suitable for families. Along with having strenuous trekking journeys, Nepal also presents easy and leisurely treks that the whole family can enjoy. Nepal Family Holidays also include several different cultural and natural tours all across the country, featuring several cultural, traditional and historical sites with facets including architectural marvels that call attention to Nepalese art and its dexterity.

Similarly, Nepal Family Holiday is also an affair of experiencing the country’s abundant natural aesthetics. As mentioned, Nepal has a number of national parks and conservation areas established to protect and preserve its wildlife and biodiversity. The country’s natural beauty can be experienced by the whole family during amazing jungle safaris that take the visitors deep into the woodlands on Elephant backs. From bird-watching by the banks of exuberant rivers to viewing endangered animals in their natural habitat atop elephants in the verdant jungles, Nepal’s natural adventures are extremely versatile and full of spectacular traits.

Short and leisurely hikes are also another of Nepal’s best characteristic for Family Holidays. Nepal has a number of amazing hiking destinations that are quite suitable for families to enjoy; places like Ghandruk in Pokhara, the town of Namche Bazaar in Khumbu, the Langtang Valley, and Manaslu region among many more present trekkers with easy journeys to hamlets and foothills towered over by the Himalayas.

In conclusion, Nepal Family Holidays is one of the best options for family-oriented vacations in the world. Nepal is also comparatively cheaper than other South-Asian countries and also offers unforgettable beauties to its visitors, from mesmerizing Himalayan views to ethnic cultures of the indigenous people living in the mountains. It is one of the best options for having the best time with family and loved ones for holidays.

Trip highlights
• Nepal Family Holidays present options for leisurely hikes across many destinations scattered throughout the country that prominently feature Himalayan views
• It includes an escapade with family where everyone can enjoy a lovely jungle safari in one of the many national parks of Nepal
• It includes many religious, cultural and historical sites that present an insight into unique Nepali art and architecture
• The holiday option also includes experiencing Nepal’s unique multicultural aspect

Tips for Family Holiday in Nepal
• It is essential to plan for your family; things like where you are going in the country and how much distance will be covered. If you are planning to take your family for trekking in the mountains, it is important to have a good trekking guide and essentially hire a porter to make things easier and hassle-free.
• It is also essential to take things that might be nice and rewarding for your children during trekking trips. Things like the children’s favorite snacks can help them be motivated to continue on the trekking journey. Additionally, it is also important to have plenty of water to help the children stay properly hydrated.
• Ensure that everyone is well-equipped for the trekking adventure; this includes getting the children the best comfortable hiking shoes and other items like warm jackets and sweaters and such.
• It is important to always walk together with children and not leave them behind; use appropriate sunscreen lotions or sunhats for warm weathers and appropriate layers of clothing for colder ones. Always make sure to walk in the pace of the slowest one in the family group.

  • $1,140.00 annapurna-family-trek

    Annapurna Family Trek

    This trip is a beautiful adventure for the whole family in the marvelous Annapurna region of Nepal. As the trip is filled with finest tea-houses and easy trails, it is doable by all age groups.

  • $925.00 classical-langtang-valley-family-trek

    Classical Langtang Valley Family Trek

    It is a journey that is filled with amazing terrains, mesmerizing Himalayan views, and unique ethnic culture of Tamang and their Tibetan tradition.

  • $1,215.00 everest-family-trek

    Everest Family Trek

    The trek along well-made trails and through picturesque villages, the home of the renowned Sherpa people and their unique culture, way of life, panoramic views of Khumbu Himalayan range including Mt. Everest.