Trekking Equipment
Trekking means to walk in some mountain whether it is for many days or few. It may led you to the base camp of the Himalayas or just some small hills form where you will have spectacular view of the nature and mountain. To walk in the mountain or to enjoy with them you have to be prepared with essential equipment. That is we use to call trekking gears. We can’t say which trekking gears are essential to where or in which season. For those details you can consult to your trekking operator or think in general. It will be always a gentle way to trek with the basic trekking gears because you never know what can be most important items to you in trek. Except the basic food and a room or tent to sleep the following things could be useful to trek in proper way.
Personal Trekking Equipment:
Footwear: Mountain trekking boots, Woolen socks Light cotton socks, Trekking or running shoes Camp shoes, some pair of Socks, sandal.
Clothing: Down jacket, Insulated pants, Wind pants Windbreaker, Thermal trouser, Thermal underwear Woolen hat, Gloves, Gaiters, pull over, Warm jacket, Jumper or pile jacket, Hiking pants, fleece jacket, long trousers and long sleeved, Waterproof/windproof jacket or poncho, Sun hat, worm hat or scarf, some pair of T-shirts.
Other equipment: Rucksack and duffel bag, Sleeping bag, Flashlight and batteries, binocular, little sphere rope, Stick, wastage management bag, camera.
Miscellaneous items: Toilet articles and towels, Toilet paper, Small knife, some gum, chocolate, biscuit, Sunscreen lotion, lighter, Sun Glass, water purifying tablets, water bottle, Medical & first-aid kit, map and compass, Nepali phrase book, pencil and notebook, lip guard.
If you have proper trekking equipment you can trek with lots of fun and enjoy. But if you don’t have that like your shoe which is smaller to your feet or bigger that may cause blisters and will have a painful trek. Please notice that normally there will not have any trekking store or any sphere gear shop to buy or hire them in the mountain. Please check your personal gears twice or thrice before you start your trekking so that it will be comfortable to you.
Personal Climbing Equipment
Fix rope for climbing which apply to the entire group.
• Climbing boots
• Crampons
• Ice axe
• Harness
• Ice hammer which will have with a guide
• Sleeping bag
• Woolen Socks
• Helmet (crash hat)
• Light cotton athletic
• Long sleeved
• Cotton/woolen shirts
• Sleeping pad
• Climbing socks
• Rock Piton, Snow bar, a small medical supply
• Gaiters
• Sun hat
• T-shirts
• Rock Pegs
• Snow bars
• Karabiners
• Ice screws
• Warm climbing trousers, Descender (Figure 8) Ascenders (Jummer)
• Long cotton hiking shirts
• Lightweight fleece
• Lightweight thermal/ insulated ski gloves
• Wool long underwear
• Down jacket/ trousers/vest
• Fleece/wool for climbing
• Climbing sunglasses
Camping equipment (We provide these equipment for camping treks); Sleeping tent, Kitchen tent, dinning tent, toilet tent, mattresses, Kitchen utensils.