• $1,140.00 annapurna-family-trek

    Annapurna Family Trek

    This trip is a beautiful adventure for the whole family in the marvelous Annapurna region of Nepal. As the trip is filled with finest tea-houses and easy trails, it is doable by all age groups.

  • $925.00 classical-langtang-valley-family-trek

    Classical Langtang Valley Family Trek

    It is a journey that is filled with amazing terrains, mesmerizing Himalayan views, and unique ethnic culture of Tamang and their Tibetan tradition.

  • $1,215.00 everest-family-trek

    Everest Family Trek

    The trek along well-made trails and through picturesque villages, the home of the renowned Sherpa people and their unique culture, way of life, panoramic views of Khumbu Himalayan range including Mt. Everest.

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