Our mission is to help our explorers experience every ounce of Nepal and do it in the most ethical manner possible. Our work is centered towards our community, pushing forth for greater development, helping locals feel empowered by tourism while respecting and preserving the place we do our explorations on. Locally crafted itineraries support us in this journey, building an authentic experience full of interactions with the local community. Forming bonds and connectivity that fosters economic growth for locals, we strive to offer life-changing experiences for travelers. Travelers get the best of the Himalayan life, with expert assistance that provides you genuine information of destinations, alternative routes, each working to make each experience as individualistic as possible.

Lastly, with tourism, we hope to uplift and tap into local communities, promote the mesmerizing nature of Himalayan routes and come through for you. We present you with a total package of an honest and client-driven company that cares as much of its workforce and community as it does of nature on which its primal operations are based on.