Guaranteed affordable price
We believe in a win-win exchange when doing business, we want our clients to get the most they can at an affordable price while still equally empowering our local communities. Therefore, apart from the standard exchange tour packages with our explorers, we also give them options of home-stay travel. With home-stay options, our explorers can experience local authentic hospitality and culture at a very competitive price. At the same time, such form of traveling provides extra earnings to the host, aiding an entire community in the process. We also make sure that our other forms of travel packages are also thoroughly researched-oriented and have transparent pricing that is highly affordable.

Experienced and professional local guides
The guides we hire are locals, they are all very well-versed in the area they grew up in. Additional to this, they are extensively trained to obtain their certification from credible sources like NATHAM. Once their training is complete they usually practice as porters eventually working themselves up to guides. Using local guides gives us the advantage of having people who know every nook and cranny of the area. Moreover, as they collect more hours as a guide, formal training is also provided to develop their social and people skills making interactions you have with them a lot smoother.

Private transportation to and from destinations
Sometimes the rides are the great solace for travelers to unwind, reflect about their journey and enjoy the vast wonders of nature without tiring their feet. With our private transportation option to and from the destination, explorers can enjoy their travel to the fullest. Moreover, private transportation is also a great option for people traveling with friends and family, giving them time to bond, enjoy each other’s company without the intrusion of privacy or any discomfort.

Customized Trips
One of the great things about traveling is how freeing the entire experience is. We do not want to mitigate this for you, the option of customization of the trips allows to exercise full freedom in the planning your trips. From customized trips where you can enjoy the trips of your choosing, the length, the type of stay you want down to the type of guides you wish to have. Especially for our female travelers, we provide an option of female guides who are highly qualified to lead any trips. These kinds of options allow for great flexibility and ease for our clients

Destination Expertise
Our expert guides and their desire to discover more, always makes the venture more exciting and on equally beautiful paths. As a result, we end up expertizing on varied destinations in no time, discovering peaceful off-beat paths, and hidden nature spots that make for a very fulfilling and unique experience. We try varied methods to understand locations better, starting with exchanging details with locals, testing and trying these paths ourselves, taking chances that lead to us having thorough knowledge about the places.

Easy Booking
We handle the logistics for you from start to finish, you can set forth your desires and it is up to us to plan the ideal vacation for you. With multiple online and offline options, hands-on working team and professional staff, booking with you are hassle-free. Additionally, our staffs are trained to handle different kinds of travelers and heightened communication skills that make for fruitful and smooth exchanges with our clients.

Flexibility while emergency
Mr. Tamang who is expert in handling emergency cases while traveling has passed much of his knowledge and skills to his team. Traveling to the Himalayas can be very tricky hence we make sure we have contingency plans in place, teach our staff to be quick in the response to emergency and exercise extreme flexibility.