Upper Dolpo Trek

32 Days 31 Nights
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Situated on the west-northern part of Nepal, Upper Dolpo Trek provides the visitors with the most unspoiled and the majestic beauty of Nepal. Being in between the Dhaulagiri mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau, it is one of the most challenging and most adventurous routes in Nepal. It is a mixed experience of the adventure, natural beauty, and traditional villages one can get. One can get chance to visit the Shey-Phoksundo Lake, Shey Gompa and Thansing Gompa in the Shey- Phoksundo National Park which has preserved the wilderness and biodiversity in this region.

Upper Dolpo region is one of the less traveled destinations in Nepal which provides the visitors with the unique experience of spiritual mindfulness and natural beauty. These 32 days amazing journey in Upper Dolpo region starts with a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and further to Juphal which is also our starting point for this trek. We trek through Chhepka and Ringmo Gaon to reach the magnificent Shey Phoksundo Lake. The trek continues through many villages like Saldang and Khoma Gaon to reach Tinje Gaon. After a brief stop at Tinje Gaon, Rakpa is the next destination quickly followed by Chharka Bhot where we will get a chance to learn about the unique Tibetan culture and ancient Bon religion. Continuing ahead, we reach Sangda village and cross Sangda La pass (5550m) to head to Phalyak. The trip finally comes to an end in Pokhara after a scenic flight from Jomsom. The Upper Dolpo Trek is an adventure that explores the far and wide areas in the Dolpo region. The trek is also an opportunity to know the people of these regions, their culture, traditions, practices and ancestral heritage. Pristine natural beauty and cultural ambiance of the region compliment beautifully to one another. The trek is a must-do for travelers who wish to explore the most unspoiled parts of nature. One needs a good trekking experience to climb the upper Dolpo region.

We, Alpine Adventure Team have been operating in the tourism of Nepal for many years and on the run of these many years, we have garnered our skills and gathered great experiences. We also prioritize the comfort of our clients and provide the best transportation and accommodation services.


Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu 1300m
On your arrival at Tribhuvan International airport, our representative will pick you up and will transfer you to the hotel in Thamel. In the evening we will organize a traditional Nepali dinner for you at a famous Nepali cuisine where we will discuss a few about our long trekking journey and we will also conduct some short introduction program. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Permits Procedure
In the early morning, our representative will come to pick you up and he will bring you to our office where we will complete your formalities with our office and we will introduce you to our trek guide who will tell you about the permit procedure and the required documents for it. He will also guide you with the required equipment during our trek. In the evening you can pack your equipment clothes and needed things. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 130m
Today, we will take an early morning flight to Nepalgunj. After finishing your breakfast our representative will drive you to the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. We will catch a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. On reaching Nepalgunj, we will check-in the hotel and explore the local markets in the city. Overnight stay at Nepalgunj.

Day 4: Fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal 2475m
After some refreshment and our breakfast, we will drive back to the airstrip of Nepalgunj, from where we will catch a flight to Juphal. A scenic flight above diverse landscapes with the magnificent views of the high snow-capped mountains will take us to the beautiful Juphal. It is situated at the foothills of Himalayas and is the headquarters of Dolpo region. Overnight stay at Juphal.

Day 5: Trek from Juphal to Suligad Ghat 2075m
Today it will be our first day of trekking and we will head towards the trail descending to the bank of Thuli Bheri River and then we will continue to walk until we will reach the confluence of Thuli Bheri River and Suligad Ghat. We will then steeply ascend along the forests of cedar to reach the Suligad Ghat. Overnight stay at Suligad Ghat.

Day 6: Trek from Suligad Ghat to Chhepka 2675m
Leaving the beautiful Suligad Ghat behind, we will cross a large suspension bridge and enter the Shey Phoksundo National Park. We will continue to walk along the trail through the Suligad and then hike along the forested landscapes to reach Chhepka. On our way, we will enjoy the beautiful views of the Dhaulagiri mountain range. Overnight stay at Chhepka.

Day 7: Trek from Chhepka to Amchi Hospital 3110m
We will continue to climb along the bank of Suli River until we will cross a bridge over the river and then continue to walk along the bank of Phoksundo Khola. We will walk along the dense forest of birch, pine, and rhododendron which opens out in a gorge. We will follow the trail along the gorge and cross a suspension bridge over the Phoksundo Khola to reach Amchi Hospital. Overnight stay at Amchi Hospital.

Day 8: Trek from Amchi Hospital to Ringmo Gaon (Phoksundo Lake) 3641m
The trail descends along the bank of Phoksundo Khola through the forest of birch and pine. From there we will ascend to Ringmo Gaon. It is a beautiful settlement having many stone houses, Mani walls and Chortens. We will head towards the riverside of Phoksundo Lake which hosts magical views of the surrounding. We will continue along the trail and reach the village. Overnight stay at Ringmo Gaon.

Day 9: Explore Ringmo Gaon
It will be a day preserved for exploring and acclimatizing to the thinning of the air at this altitude. The beautiful village sits on the bank of Shey Phoksundo Lake. We will spend some quality time there and capturing the beautiful views in our camera we will move further to visit the beautifully designed houses in this village. We will also visit the Chortens and Mani walls there. Overnight stay at Ringmo Gaon.

Day 10: Trek from Ringmo Gaon to Chookkalapuk 3625m
Today we will descend all the way down to the bottom of the river and continues to walk along the Phoksundo river bank enjoying the beautiful view of Kanjirowa Himal (6612m). Leaving Phoksundo Lake, we head to Phoksundo Camp and then trek along the Phoksundo River. We will move further to the summer grazing area also known as the campsite of Chookkalapuk. Overnight stay at Chookkalapuk.

Day 11: Trek from Chookkalapuk to Nagdalo La Base Camp (Snowfields Camp) 4625m
Our trail passes through juniper forests which lead us to the bridge over the river. On crossing the bridge we will climb steeply to reach Tuk Kyaksa Khola to reach Nagdalo La Base Camp which is also known as snowfields and lies on the bank of the river. Overnight stay at Nagdalo La Base Camp.

Day 12: Trek from Nagdalo La Base Camp to Shey Gompa 4343m
The trail will follow the dusty and rough ridges. The ascent is quite steep and we need to climb for about two and a half hours to reach the top of Nagdalo La Pass (5350m). As we will reach the top we can see the magnificent views of the Upper Dolpo region and the beautiful Shey Phoksundo Lake. From there, we will descend down along the snowy path to enter Shey Gompa. Shey Gompa is a beautiful village having few houses and a beautiful old Gompa built in the 11th century. Overnight stay at Shey Gompa.

Day 13: Explore Shey Gompa
Today will be our rest day and we will utilize this day by exploring around the villages. We will visit the Oldest Gompa which was built in 1655. It is famous for its giant gold-plated statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. We will also see the unique mountain, the crystal mountain which is on the eastern side of the Gompa. We will visit around the village and can see the old traditional Tibetan Style houses and things. Overnight stay at Shey Gompa.

Day 14: Trek from Shey Gompa to Namgung 4430m
Leaving the beautiful Shey village behind, we will ascend to Sela La pass (5094m). From here, we will steeply descend and can see the Tibetan Plateau which is the highest highland in the world. We will further descend to Namgung. In the evening we will visit the Namgung monastery. Overnight stay at Namgung.

Day 15: Trek from Namgung to Saldang 3770m
Today our trail will be ascending along through the steep slope and then descend to the beautiful village of Saldang. It is a village which is situated just above the Namha Khola. It was the trade center for Tibetan so this region is wealthier compared to other regions. The trek to Saldang offers scenic views of the landscapes and the mountains looming above the hills are mesmerizing in beauty. Overnight stay at Saldang.

Day 16: Explore Saldang Village
Today we will explore this beautiful village. It used to be the separate kingdom in the ancient days in Dolpo region. This village has many ancient monasteries and prayer walls, we will visit few monasteries like Samye Choling Monastery and Jovo Monastery. We will also visit the hidden Hamlets of Saldang. Overnight stay at Saldang.

Day 17: Trek from Saldang to Khoma Gaon 4210m
Leaving Saldang behind, we will continue along the sandy paths. We will cross many settlements, Mani walls, and Chortens before we will reach Khoma Gaon. The trail is sometimes ascending and sometimes descending yet the scenic views are always present to motivate us to walk further. We can rest and explore the village upon arrival. Overnight stay at Khoma Gaon.

Day 18: Trek from Khoma Gaon to Mendo 4000m
Today, we will continue along the sandy rough path to ascend the Nang La Pass (4375m). From the Nang La Pass, we will descend along the terrain Panjyan Khola. We will walk past Shimengaon and along the riverside and reach Shimen Gompa. We will continue further to reach the Mendo. Overnight stay at Mendo.

Day 19: Trek from Mendo to Tinje Gaon (Thinje) 4110m
We will leave the Mendo behind and continue to descend along the gorge of Panjyan Khola. Before heading towards Tinje Gaon we will visit the Pu Gompa. We then head to Namyal and reach Somangaon. We continue ahead and cross Mukden Khola to finally arrive at Tinje Gaon. Enjoying the beautiful sites and continuing along the path we will reach our destination Tinje Gaon. Overnight stay at Tinje Gaon.

Day 20: Explore Tinje Gaon (Thinje)
This day will be the exploration day around the village Tinje Gaon. It is a famous village and also home to some fine examples of Thangkha Paintings. It is supposed as the main village in Upper Dolpo region, it has its own previous historical backgrounds, fortress, monasteries etc. We will visit the monasteries and know more about Tibetan culture. Overnight stay at Tinje Gaon.

Day 21: Trek from Tinje Gaon to Rakpa 4535m
Leaving the village behind we will continue to walk along the riverside of Panjyan Khola until we will reach to the union of rivers. From here we will continue to walk along the bank of Kehein Khola. We will cross many bridges on our way to reaching Rakpa. Overnight stay at Rakpa.

Day 22: Trek from Rakpa to Chharka Bhot 4110m
Today we will ascend uphill to the Mo La Pass (5027m). On reaching the top, we can enjoy the magnificent views of the snowcapped mountains and beautiful rivers flowing by. From there, we will steeply descend along the gorge to reach the Chharka Bhot which situated at the bank of Chharka Tulsi Khola. Overnight stay at Chharka Bhot.

Day 23: Explore Chharka Bhot
Today it will be the exploration day at Chharka Bhot. We will visit the monasteries and the houses built in a unique design. We will also visit a Bon monastery. In the evening we will visit the Sarchhen Gompa. The village is also authentic to its ancestral roots as evident from the lifestyle of the people there. Overnight stay at Chharka Bhot.

Day 24: Trek from Chharka Bhot to Norbulung 4750m
Initially, we will move downhill up to the stream and then we will climb uphill to the rough uneven trail to the campsite of Norbulung. We will climb along the narrow valleys and steep terrain. From Norbulung, we can see the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges. We can also rest upon reaching Norbulung. Overnight stay at Norbulung.

Day 25: Trek from Norbulung to Molum Sumdo 4860m
Today our trail passes through the bank of the small stream and then ascends steeply to Molum Sumdo which is a summer grazing yak field. Initially, we ascend slowly along the Thasan River. Passing numerous pasture lands and vantage points on the way, we arrive at Molum Sumdo.
From here we can get the magnificent views of Dhaulagiri II (7751m), Tongu Himal (6197m), and several other snow-capped peaks. Overnight stay at Molum Sumdo.

Day 26: Trek from Molum Sumdo to Sangda Phedi 5100m via Sangda-La Pass
After finishing our breakfast, we will ascend along the Sangda La pass (5550m) from where we can get a unique view of Dhaulagiri massif. We will descend steeply to the settlement area called Sangda Phedi. The trek passes steep ascents on the beginning and similar descents on the latter stages of the trek. Overnight stay at Sangda Phedi.

Day 27: Trek from Sangda Phedi to Sangda Village 3710m
Our journey to Dolpo region comes to an end on this day as we will enter the Annapurna Conservation Area. We will steeply ascend to Jugben La (5550m) and then descend to the Thasan river bank. Further, we will descend to enter the village of Sangda. Overnight stay at Sangda.

Day 28: Trek from Sangda Village to Phalyak 3175m
We will initially ascend to Bhima Lojun La (4460m), from where we can enjoy the clear views of the Kaligandaki valley and then descend to enter the forest area of the village Phalyak. The village is situated on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River and offers great views of the surrounding landscapes. Overnight stay at Phalyak.

Day 29: Trek from Phalyak to Jomsom 2724m
This day will be our last day of the trek. We will follow the small tributary of the river to Ekle Bhatti and then we will walk on the plain land to Jomsom. We will explore the town in the evening. Jomsom is a commercial hub of the region and also has modern luxuries like internet, restaurants, cafes, and ATMs. Overnight stay at Jomsom.

Day 30: Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara & afternoon flight back to Kathmandu
Today we will take an early morning flight from Jomsom to Pokhara and then on reaching Pokhara, we will take the next flight to Kathmandu. On reaching Kathmandu we will transfer you to the hotel. You can explore the city and shop for gifts and souvenirs on the final day of your stay in the country. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 31: Buffer Day in case of flight delayed and canceled,
This day is kept as an alternative if we will not reach Kathmandu the previous day due to some reasons. As high altitude travel can get unpredictable, a buffer day is kept as a contingency.

Day 32: Final Departure from Kathmandu
It will be your final day and our representative will drive you to the Tribhuvan International Airport for your scheduled flight bidding you the final goodbye.


Cost Details

Our Trek Package Cost includes;
* Kathmandu Int’l Airport/Hotel/Airport pick up and transfer by private vehicle as per group size.
* 5 nights Accommodation in twin bed sharing basis with breakfast at standard hotel in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj.
* Round trip domestic flight ticket from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal and Jomsom-Pokhara-Kathmandu and airport tax.
* 3 Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with Tea & coffee during the trekking period.
* Tented accommodation during the trek.
* 1 experienced helpful and friendly guide, porters (1 porter for 2 peoples), their foods, accommodation, salary, equipment & insurance.
* All camping equipment (Tents, Mattresses and Kitchen Utensils).
* All ground transportation by private vehicle.
* Upper and Lower Dolpo Restricted Area Permit.
* Shey Phoksundo National Park Permit.
* Annapurna Conservation Area Permit.
* All necessary other permits.
* First Aid Medical Kit box.
* Office Service charge
* All Government Tax.

Our Trek Package Cost does not include;
* Any meals (Lunch and Dinner) in Kathmandu other than breakfast in hotel.
* Travel insurance.
* International air fare to and from Kathmandu, Nepal.
* Nepal Tourist Visa fees.
* Items and expenses of personal nature.
* Any kind of alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, snacks, laundry, phone call, Internet.
* Personal Trekking Equipment.
* Emergency Evacuation (Helicopter Rescue).
* Any costs which arise due to a change of the itinerary, because of landslides, domestic flight delays, political disturbance, and strikes etc.
* Any other costs whatsoever, that is not mentioned in the cost included.
* Horse renting and additional porters during the trek.
* Tips for guide, porters, driver…

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