The natural beauty of Nepal has been mesmerizing travelers across the world. Along with the glorious Himalayas, the biodiversity and a variety of trekking trails, Nepal is a wonderland to witness the melodrama of nature.

Likewise, the cultural diversity of Nepal is yet another attraction point in the nation. The huge number of ethnic communities and their respective cultures, traditions, and linguistics offer exciting adventures as well. As such festivities are also a big part of Nepalese society.

Likewise, the treks that explore the social norms and festive celebrations offer interesting take in the cultural glory of Nepal. Nepal Festival Trekking allows you to enjoy the joys of Nepalese festivals along with the cultural side of the country.

Trekking during festivals in Nepal explores the trekking trails that stretch through culturally prosperous villages on the way. These treks are mostly done during the auspicious occasion of the festivals.

Likewise, these trips also offer an insight into the origin, history, and religious lineage of the destination. The festivals have their specific norms and rituals which reflect various culture. As such, the Everest Mani Rimdu Festival and Mustang Tiji Festival Trek are the two of the greatest festivals in Nepal.

While the Mani Rimdu festival is the pride of the nation, the Tiji festival is an ancient celebration across Nepal. Both of these festivals are dear to the people of their respective ethnic communities.

Additionally, there are numerous other options to travel to Eastern, Central, and Western Nepal. Eastern Nepal is home to the Rai and Limbu communities. Similarly, the Nepal Festival Trekking can also be done in the Langtang region which is home to Tibetan and Sherpa communities. Tiji Festival, in the Mustang region, is also a great way to enjoy the illustrated history of the region.

Further west in the country, treks to the Thakuri communities relish the opportunity to enjoy trekking along the ancient salt trade routes. Limi Valley Trek in this region is a trek that offers the history of the Limi Valley and its residents.

Finally, Nepal festival trekking is best done during the respective dates of the festivals themselves. Festival trekking Nepal is the most authentic way to explore Nepal. While travelers enjoy the glitz and glamor of the festival, you can also relish the opportunity to learn about the traditions and lifestyles of the people.