10 Tips for Family Tour in Nepal

January 2, 2020

Family tour in Nepal is now more popular and family-friendly adventure packages for those who travels family with their beloved kids. One of the most beautiful and culturally rich counties in the world, Nepal is a hidden gem that drastically contrasts with larger-than-life adventures it offers its visitors. It is one of the most famous destinations for Himalayan treks and hikes and ranks the highest among the most naturally beautiful countries to visit.

Nepal is quickly becoming a prized destination for family holidays. Through the cultural opulence and natural beauty, Nepal offers one of the most unforgettable family vacations in the south-east Asian radius, offering many options for family tours and treks that are suitable for all members. The vast appeal of the Nepalese culture, its natural grandeur, and the majestic Himalayas are what make family tour in Nepal one of the must-have vacation adventures.

There are many options for family-friendly trips in Nepal. The many choices are each incorporated with different difficulty-levels and durations. They differ in terms of location, the general topography, the cultural diaspora, and natural elements. Here are some of the best Family Trips and 10 tips for family tour in Nepal:-

Annapurna Family Trek
The Annapurna Family Trek is a 10 days trekking journey through the beautiful Annapurna region. One of the most popular trekking regions of Nepal, the Annapurna harbors some of Nepal’s most beautiful natural facets and Himalayan tapestries. As such, the Annapurna Family Trek presents magnificent views of the Mount Annapurna massif and the Mount Dhaulagiri range.

The maximum elevation reached during the trip is 3,210 meters at the vantage point of Poon Hill. The beginning of the trip includes a guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu city’s major UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The trekking trip then begins with a flight from the capital to the gorgeous lake-side city of Pokhara.

The Annapurna family trek then takes trekkers through many of the region’s prominent villages and settlements. The majority of the ethnic population in the Himalayan foothills of the Annapurna are Magar and Gurung people. The trip beautifully captures the cultural essence of the ethnic diaspora throughout the trip.

Likewise, the trip is relatively easy to undergo as well. The general topography of the Annapurna foothills are mostly composed of upward hiking through the valleys and gaining steady elevation as you progress. The trip does not require previous trekking experience to do, and also does not present any chances of getting altitude sickness. It is a perfect trip for the whole family to enjoy as it presents panoramic views of the ivory Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain Peaks contrasting against the emerald alpine terrain of the Modi River Valley.

Classical Langtang Valley Family Trek
The Langtang Valley, featuring an oxymoron facet, is one of Nepal’s most famous off-the-beaten-paths trekking destination. As such, the Classic Langtang Valley Family Trek is another perfect option for family treks. Taking place in the wonderful Langtang Valley, home of the Langtang Lirung Peak and countless glaciers, the trekking trip is an amalgamation of the valley’s best natural and cultural attributes.

The highest point reached during the trek is 4,600 meters at the vantage point of Kyanjin RI. The trip begins with a drive from Kathmandu to the village of Syabrubesi, from where the path then follows through the Langtang valley.

The highlight of the trip, besides the jade pastures and the thick trans-Himalayan forests that cover the landscape like a velvet blanket, is the Kyanjin Gompa, situated at the base of the Himalayan peak. It is the oldest Gompa in the valley and harbors many important Buddhist artifacts. The trip also includes visiting the local Cheese Factory of the region.

The trip, like the one discussed before, presents a relatively easy terrain to trek through. It is a serene journey where the Himalayan beauty, combined with the beauty of nature and the cultural presence, makes quite an amazing family trip.

Everest Family Trek
The Everest Family Trek presents a trekking journey through Nepal’s most famous and most-visited trekking destination- the Khumbu region. Home to the world’s tallest Himalayan peak, the Khumbu is home to the ethnic Sherpa people of Nepal. The trekking journey is a trip through Khumbu’s scintillating river valleys towards some of the most popular villages and towns of Everest. The trip is a moderate hike through the chartreuse rhododendron and bamboo groves of the lower valleys towards the juniper and birch hamlets of the upper ravines.

The trip begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, a small town of Khumbu that has an airport famous for its location and elevation. With only one runway that drops off down into the valley below, the airport and landing at Lukla are considered as one of the highlights of the trip in itself.

The path then takes trekkers through the Sagarmatha National Park- one of the two national parks of Nepal listed in the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites list. Throughout the trekking journey, trekkers also have a chance of coming across Himalayan jungle fowls, like the Danphe bird and the Himalayan Monal.

The trekking trail then meanders through the Dudh Koshi and Imja River valleys towards famous towns like Namche Bazaar and Tengboche. All along the trip, views of the Everest massif and many of its neighboring peaks decorate the skyline. The highest point reached during the trek is 3,880 meters at the Everest View Hotel- the highest located Luxury Hotel in the world.

Other Family Trips:-

Wildlife Safari in Chitwan or Bardia National Park
Nepal has many national parks and conservation areas established to protect its wildlife and unique ecosystems. Among the myriad, the most famous for jungle safaris is the Chitwan National Park, home to animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger and One-horned Rhinoceros. Jungle Safaris in Chitwan National Park is among the most thrilling family adventures to do in Nepal. Riding on the backs of elephants, visitors can explore the woodlands and view wild animals in their natural habitats.

Similarly, the Bardia National Park is famous for its bird species. It is one of the best places in Nepal for bird-watchers. Many endemic and migratory species of birds live in the wetlands of the Bardia National Park, making it one of the most beautiful avifaunal heavens on Earth.

White Water Rafting
Nepal is blessed with countless Himalayan rivers that drain the valleys, providing sustenance to unique natural biomes and settlements throughout the Nepali landscape. As such, white water rafting has been gaining steady popularity among visitors in recent years.

Nepal is considered as one of the most appealing places for white water rafting. There are options for people of all preferences for rafting as well, ranging from easy rapids too difficult fast-flowing torrents. Popular rivers for rafting in Nepal include the Seti, the Bhote Koshi, the Trishuli and the Sun Koshi among others.

Guided Sightseeing Tours in Kathmandu and Pokhara
Kathmandu is the religious and cultural hub of Nepal. It is the largest city of the country, harboring many traditionally-built temples and shrines sacred to both the Hindu and the Buddhist people. The city also has one of the densest concentrations of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.

A guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu includes visiting the city’s many prominent sites like the Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, as well as many Buddhist shrines like the Bouddhanath and the Swayambhunath, including Hindu temples like the Pashupatinath, among many others. For a cultural tour with the family, Nepal presents a plethora of destinations and old traditional monuments to enjoy.

In like manner, Pokhara is the second-largest city of Nepal, and as mentioned, it’s a tourist hub. Pokhara also presents many attractions to its visitors- like the World Peace Pagoda, the Davi’s fall, the Tal Barahi Temple and the Mahendra and Gupteshwor Caves among many others. Pokhara also presents spectacular sights of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Peaks as well.

Everest or Annapurna Mountain Flights
One of the best ways to enjoy the mountains of Nepal is via mountain flights. Both the Everest Mountain Flight and the Annapurna Mountain Flight present dramatic aerial views of the mountain peaks. It is a fun endeavor for the whole family to enjoy together. Bird’s-eye view of the silvery peaks seen from the air is an event that will stick in the minds for years.

10 Tips for Family Tour in Nepal
• While planning a family trip, it is important to consider the length and duration of the trip, as well as the compatibility of the family members. Working out the distance needed to travel each day and the capability of the family members, like kids or the elderly, are important to consider.
• While planning family trips, it is, more often than not, a good idea to hire porters and guides. Doing so greatly reduces hassles during the trip.
• It is important to bring a proper form of water purification with you while traveling to Nepal. It is a better alternative to constantly be buying drinking water bottles from the shops. For water purification, you can bring purifying tablets or other sources.
• While traveling with kids, another factor to consider is bringing sufficient snacks with you for the trip. It is a great motivator for kids to keep trekking and is also a nice reward during brief stops along the way.
• Apart from the food, another important factor to take into consideration is equipment. It is important to make sure that all of the family members are well-equipped. Proper well-fitted hiking boots are essential to avoid getting blisters, especially for the kids.
• Speaking of equipment, it is also important to pack according to the weather and climate. During sunny days, it is essential to have the kids wear proper sunscreen lotion and sunhats, while colder weather requires proper layers.
• While hiking, it is important to be together and walk as a close group.
• Food in Nepal is mostly rice or corn-based, so if there are allergies to be dealt with within the family members, it is important to inform the travel agency beforehand, and also be well-prepared with First Aids.
• While trekking, let the kids stop and enjoy the Mountain View or play with the animals.
• Nepal has many luxury resorts and guesthouses, even on the most popular trekking trails, like the Everest or the Annapurna. Kids should enjoy themselves. Thus, for family trips, it is best to book luxury guesthouses.

Nepal is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. It is among the best destinations in the world for family tour in Nepal. Group vacations in Nepal are much more fun than traveling alone, and it also has its perks. Nepal is a must-visit place because of the sheer magnificence of the Himalayas that must be experienced at least once in life. It is budget-friendly and suitable for all members of the family. Join with us for your next Family Tour in Nepal in 2020.