Till the date, a lot has been written about the beauty of Nepal and how it can completely captivate you. However, much of Nepal’s beauty is not in words or the speech but in the things you experience. We here at Alpine Adventure Team understand this. We understand that exploring Nepal is not a surface level ordeal but a deep experience where you engulf yourself in the Himalayan way of life. The simplistic and enigmatic way of life, surrounded by rare flora and fauna, guarded with towering breathtaking peaks.

Our deep understanding of the travel to the Himalayas made us adept enough to start Alpine Adventure Team in 2006, with the aim to bring forth a socially and environmentally conscious tourism company that understood the essence of tourism.

For instance, tourism is not simply a business or an exchange, it is the medium with which ecosystems are nurtured, businesses are built and travelers and locals are empowered. Alpine Adventure Team which is an accumulation of years of experience and a team that understands the importance of sustainable tourism and prosperity through tourism hopes to achieve just this.

With all of our efforts directed towards our community and the country itself, we also make a great deal of effort to be there for our clients. By introducing multiple facilities that help them experience the country we also offer them with interactions with locals and homestay options. Furthermore, our attention to detail also beckons to respond to comfort levels that each client would expect from us, starting with introducing female guides for female travelers. Our options, understanding, and respect for people and nature make us one of the most ethical organizations today.